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The parents early years. 

The colors we currently have in litters are red and apricot. I will post the sub loci here of both parents in their embark genetic report. 

For the male Natural Blond iz Mimoletnogo Videnija

This trait summarizes these results for the individual subloci:

Intensity_​red_​pigment_​chr2 Red/Red

Intensity_​red_​pigment_​KITLG Red/Red

Intensity_​red_​pigment_​chr18 Cream/Cream

Intensity_​red_​pigment_​MFSD12 Red/Red

Intensity_​red_​pigment_​chr21 Red/Red

For the female Apple Angel Glorious Bloom:

Intensity_​red_​pigment_​chr2 Red/Red 

Intensity_​red_​pigment_​KITLG Red/Red

Intensity_​red_​pigment_​chr18 Red/Cream

Intensity_​red_​pigment_​MFSD12 Red/Red

Intensity_​red_​pigment_​chr21 Red/Cream

We project the puppies to be from 15-18 inches and 18-30 pounds of range. Puppies are bred in a home environment with children. We will keep interested people informed weekly as to the puppies growth through posts. 


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Below are some pictures of Natural Blond- Apricot and Apple Angel - Red as puppies.

I hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of Apple Angel Glorious Bloom and Natural blond iz Mimoletnogo Videnija as puppies! 

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