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Past Litters May 20, 2022

Some of the puppies as they develop


“MOYEN ME POODLES is a an excellent choice for adopting a moyen poodle. The breeder has developed their program based on strict multigenerational champion bloodlines. The dogs are raised within a home environment that enables sire and dam produce litters with excellent socialization. We have been poodle people for over 26 years and require our dogs to be excellent companions. Our Moyen puppy Benjamin was adopted from Moyen Me Poodles in May and he has developed into a very affectionate part of the family. I have no reservations in recommending MOYEN ME Poodles to those requiring excellence in their poodle."



"First time poodle owner and couldn't be happier with our sweet Rose. We were given full access to her health panel and copies of her health record and vaccines. The breeder kept in close contact with me throughout the entire process and answered any questions thoroughly and promptly. Our vet was impressed with Rose and her stellar pedigree. Rose is a beautiful cheerful dog and I am so happy to have her."



"Choose moyen me poodles if you’re looking for the following:

1. An honest, transparent breeder who answers your questions and spends real time to educate you about her dogs

2. A program that values health, happiness, and temperament above all else

3. To take home genetic test results and proof of an excellent pedigree."




"MOYEN ME poodles is the perfect breeder! They were very responsive during the entire process and made it a good experience! My puppy, River, is perfect, he’s exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier! I appreciated the fact that River’s first couple months were in a home with children, as he’s very socialized and good with people! I also appreciate the community on fb, Laura consistently posts helpful tips, as a first time poodle owner, this is very helpful."




"I absolutely recommend MOYEN ME poodles! I got a puppy from the Apple x Rocky litter and I couldn’t be happier with him. He has an excellent temperament and is just a beautiful boy! Laura is always available for questions during the process and once you have your puppy. You can tell she really cares about the dogs and wants what is best for them. I think Moyen sized poodles are the best size for poodles, it’s a shame they aren’t more popular in the US, Moyen Me is one of the few breeders here and you can’t go wrong with one of their pups."


Jean, Jack, Emma


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