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Life in Jerusalem with our medium red poodle.

apple and Laura

At our Bible Bookstore in Jerusalem with Apple Angel


The black medium poodle we had when I was a teenager.

little Laura

  I first developed a love for poodles when I visited my Great Aunt in California. Later as a teenager, we rescued a black medium poodle at the Sea of Galilee who had been in a car accident, and she lived with my family for over a decade. 

I lived many years in Israel where my parents (and later my husband and I) worked for the Church there. A few years ago, after two years of research, we imported a red medium poodle from Ukraine. (Apple Angel Glorious Bloom) The joy this brought our family was endless. 


We decided to go to the USA in 2022.  My children were born abroad so we needed to get them their citizenship in the USA. It's a complicated process, and now over a year later, we have citizenship for only one since they are a second generation born abroad its a challenge. We hope that we can all return to Israel one day and show our poodles in the FCI so that is my main goal to preserve the medium red and apricot poodle.

In the meantime, I am traveling back and forth to Jerusalem to direct our Bible bookstore. My husband and parents are also part of of this Majestic Embrace poodle family. It has brought so much joy to our family.

I had been researching to try to find a suitable match for Apple Angel for a  few years, and we finally found one that was clear and not related. My parents who had moved back to the USA after many years in service in Israel, were excited to import the male apricot medium poodle from Russia, (Natural blond iz Mimoletnogo Videnija) before the import restrictions began to the USA.


When we finally made it to Missouri, we were so excited to meet the poodle that my parents imported from Russia, and he fell head over heels in love with Apple Angel! Natural Blond became part of the family too! My parents have not had a dog in years since our black poodle passed away. Natural Blond aka "Rocky" bonded well with my parents and my grandma, especially my father. We were used to having a female, so having a mischievous male was full of excitement. 

And now, we hope to begin our vision of preserving the red/ apricot medium poodle for the next generation. So we introduce to you, Moyen Majestic Poodles located in Licking, MO.  I am thankful to be a new breeder of AKC medium poodle puppies.  This size is also known as "small standard" in AKC in the  USA or "Klein" poodles in Germany and  "Moyen" in France.


We feel this is the perfect size for a family dog. Our children love this size!  We love going hiking with our poodles. They are relaxed, athletic, and loving dogs. They have been a great comfort for us as we lived in Israel in the big city of Jerusalem. Our moyen was great with our children and brought calm in the home. 


    We will breed our poodles at home with us and it is a family affair. My parents live with Natural blond, aka "Rocky  very close to us. The dame "Apple" lives with our family and we will provide the puppies with a family atmosphere with children and adults surrounding them with love and attention.  The parents of my puppies are health and genetic tested, and we will be planning to do embark testing on the puppies. 

    Thank you for visiting this site and thinking about adding a puppy to your home. I hope to stay connected to you, either through this website, my Facebook page, and the Good Dog site, where I have a lot of information posted as well. 

   We are dedicated to preserving the medium poodle, especially the shades of red and apricot. I am very grateful to the breeders who have helped me along in this journey from Ukraine and Russia and others across Europe and the USA who have taught me so much. 


To be on a waiting list, simply contact me and let me know you are interested. Let me know how serious you are and the timing you are looking for a puppy. You do not need to pay a fee to be on a waiting list. After the puppies are born we require a downpayment that can be paid in various ways listed on the application. Deposits can be made through cash,  check, bank transfer, or paid through paypal via gooddog. 

Puppies are selected in the order of deposits received.  Selection may begin at 6 weeks, and puppies are picked up after 8 weeks. If you are interested and not in Missouri, contact us to see if we can arrange transportation. 


Let’s Work Together


Laura Rauh 

Licking, Missouri USA

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