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Where are we located? We are located in a small town Licking, Missouri.

Our preferred method of communication is email. We can set up a time to do a phone call or video chat if needed.  

Do you deliver or ship? We may be able to deliver by car to you. We can also look into shipping. Both the dame and the sire were shipped to the USA from abroad, so we are familiar with how it works.

At what time can my moyen small standard puppy come home? Any time after 8 or 9 weeks.

How are the puppies socialized? In our home with our family and children.

When is my final balance due?

The final payment needs to be before the puppy is delivered to you, If you are picking up the puppy from us you can pay then. You can begin to put deposits down after the puppy is born. You can also pay with cash at delivery.


Will the red fade? I can not guarantee that the red will not fade. Most reds do lighten their shades. There is a combination of different things at play, like hormones. Males tend to hold the red color more.  In Apple Angel's and Rocky's first litter together, we had two apricots and five reds. Apricot is the rarest colour and newest colour in the poodle world. I believe that apricot holds the colour better than red. 

We will sell the majority of the puppies with AKC-limited registration without breeding rights.If you are interested in being a guardian for one of our poodles and live in or near Missouri, please contact me to see if it might be feasible. . 

All puppies will be genetically tested with embark. The parents have already been tested with Embark, Pawprints, and have done OFA testing.

We have done both the natural tail and a long dock where the vet only trim one centimetre off the tip of the tail. If you are looking to have a poodle with a shorter docked tail. You will need to fill out an application and put a deposit down. We have been doing the dew claws on all our American litters. But in the future, we will consider not doing the dewclaws, but you will need to fill out an application and deposit as well for that.


Health Guarantee

We offer a health guarantee for 3 years of age against genetic or congenital disorders that adversely affect the health of your puppy.

In the future, we may offer discounts if we choose not to register the puppy or if there is a puppy or an older perspective in our breeding program that has not been placed yet. So you can ask us if we have any available.

I have only sold one puppy for breeding rights to another breeder. So, I am picky about where my pups go, but I am always looking for the right person to partner with who loves medium poodles, so let me know if you are interested.

Breeding is expensive. We imported two of our breeding dogs from Russia and Ukraine, which cost an arm and a leg. Also, in the future, in 2025, we will have to deal with paying AI fees for breeding Haleluya Grace Majestic Embrace to another red medium male.

Medium import poodles have smaller litters under eight puppies. We only do one to two litters a year. We are not a puppy farm. We keep our puppies in our bedroom with us for the first month, and then they are moved into our den at one-month-old into a pen as they begin a new stage of life. The puppies are integrated into our family life in our small family home. I keep a watchful eye on the puppies and do not sleep much during the first three weeks.

If you live within 200 miles of us in Licking, Missouri, you can apply to be in our guardian program. We have no one yet in our guardian homes, but we hope to keep a puppy from Zebulon's litter and Halili's litter in the next two years. Being a guardian means that you will keep the poodle as a pet, but we will arrange for the health testing and breeding costs.

We also offer 30 days free of Trupanion insurance for your first month with your puppy.

We use the Puppy Culture method curriculum with our puppies and work on providing neurological stimulation in the first few weeks of their life.

Puppies are dewormed, vaccinated, and seen by a vet at least three times before going to their new homes. Puppies are sent home with a basic leash and collar, food and a certificate of health and an AKC folder with tips to help with the transition. 

Please let me know if you have more questions and I will be happy to answer them!


For our available poodles, you can talk to us about payment plans. But for us to plan litters, we are hoping you can be on our mailing list so we can inform you when we are to have a litter so you can make a reservation/ deposit. Our next litter will be with Natural Blond/ Apple Angel mediums imports red and apricot puppies April 6, 2024.

The reservation/deposit fee is $200, which will go toward the total price of the puppy. If you are on the list you will get more of a pick of which puppy you want and are committed to getting a puppy from us. So fill out an application form to let us know you are interested!



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