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I have been so happy to see the pups grow from our first litter. I couldn't ask for a better family for our first litter. All of the owners of our first litter of Majestic Embrace have been so amazing keeping in touch and there is a true spirit of family with our first litter it is very special.

Here are two of the sisters in Georgia! We just love seeing these two together!

I just love of the photos Maddie Rose's owner sends. This is one of her latest and she captured a really great profile picture.

Here is Benji. He surprised us all and reached 19 inches and weighs 29 pounds. He takes after his great grandpa Fire of My Heart, who was on His Russian side and an bigger sized medium.

I just love Dan or otherwise known by his call name River. He has a tall slender build that makes him a beautiful example for the breed. He is also a 9 out 10 in red intensity. He was definitely one of the hardest ones for me to pass on.

Haleli is pictures here at 3.5 months. We are putting our hopes that this will be Apple Angel's successor in our kennel. We will see how she develops and hope for the best!

More photos to come in the future.


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Today I did it! I bought a domain name. So now we have a place to post for Moyen Majestic Embrace poodles! So grateful for my husband's support in this and for everyone in the family who make this possible. I am so excited for what the future holds. Thank you so much for your interest!

I chose the name Moyen Majestic Embrace as we hope to keep within the moyen size, which is medium or known as small standard in the AKC. We believe there is something majestic about the embrace of our moyen poodles and we hope that one day you might be able to embrace a moyen poodle the way we do, with great love!

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