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Breeding plans for the future

We are planning on breeding our medium imports in the spring-- Apple Angel and Natural Blond. They produce red and apricot medium poodles from their medium import line.


In the autumn, we hope to breed Zebulon (the son of our medium imports) to Zehava. Zehava is a genetically clear American red smaller intervareity poodle. She is about 15.5 inches tall and is third generation intervareity. She is co-owned by my parents, and she lives with my parents. Zebulon is 18 inches tall and about 29 pounds.  Zebulon is clear all but 1 cddy. This is pending their OFA results.


In spring 2025, we hope to breed Haleluya Grace Majestic Embrace, the dark red daughter of Apple and Natural Blond, to a dark red miniature who also has medium import in his line that we will hire. He is genetically clear. Halili carries 1 cddy. The red male for hire is 16 inches tall, and so is Halili. This is pending her OFA results.

Meet the Apricots

See more photos and videos on our facebook page.

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